Watch Jeffrey M. Jacobson on NBC Chicago discuss unemployment issues

Listen to Jeffrey M. Jacobson on WBBM discussing McDonalds v. Easterbrook (starts at 30 seconds)

Teaching Matters!

September 19, 2019

I am a voter, taxpayer, and father of two College of DuPage Alumni. I am also the son of a teacher. I want to see COD thrive.

Watch as I address the COD Board of Trustees in support of the Teacher’s Union, CODFA.

Dupage needs new Election Equipment

September 24, 2019

DuPage County voters have been calling for new election equipment and better training.

Watch as I call on the DuPage County Board to fund new election equipment.

Jeffrey M. Jacobson, Democrat for Dupage Judge

A quick 15 second advertisement for Jeffrey M. Jacobson.

Jeffrey M. Jacobson, Democrat for Dupage Judge

Meet Jeff Jacobson, Democrat for Judge of the 18th Judicial Circuit Court. With nearly thirty years of law experience, Jeff has the knowledge, temperament, qualifications, and drive to become your next Circuit Court Judge!

Jeffrey M. Jacobson walks in the 2020 Elmhurst St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

Jeffrey Jacobson had the pleasure of walking with DuPage Forest Preserve President Daniel Hebreard. Thank you to the City of Elmhurst for hosting us!

Jeffrey M. Jacobson speaks with Joan Esposito on WCPT 820 AM

Jump to 2:29:19 to hear Jeff’s answers as to why Judges matter, and why we have a historic race in DuPage County this year.

Jeffrey M. Jacobson speaks to DuPage Voters

Meet Jeff in his first Town Hall Live Stream. Learn about his background and get some questioned answered.

A Message to the Voters of DuPage

Do you know that you will be voting in a historic election this year? Hear from Jeff to learn more!

Un mensaje para los votantes de DuPage

¿Sabes que votarás en una elección histórica este año? ¡Escucha a Jeff para aprender más!