Happy Petition Season Everyone!

Ah, it's that time of year again! Petition season, the kickoff to campaigning. I am really looking forward to going door to door this year. I know that sounds like torture to most people, knocking on strangers' doors. For me, it's invigorating. It means that I just might bring someone into this democracy of ours.

Thank you to the PCs and volunteers who are helping me circulate petitions. Everyday, we receive more emails, more letters of encouragement, more support from our friends in this endeavor. It's exactly what I need to stay motivated. The support this year has been immensely overwhelming.


Naperville Labor Day Parade 2019

On September 2nd,  I marched in the Naperville Labor Day Parade with NTDO. Together we reminded people to "Join a Union, Thank a Union".

Unions are an essential part of our democracy. They have changed the workplace entirely for over a century and a half. Now more than ever, they are under attack.

I am proud to be not only a former Union member, but also a former Administrative Law Judge for the Illinois Department of Employment Security from 2002 to 2007. My law practices have helped many employees obtain their rights as a worker.

sept fund img

A reminder that our August 30th fundraiser was postponed to September 14th.

Local candidates are often those who need the most grassroots financial support when it comes to running campaigns. I am no exception to this rule. If we all come together and support each other, we can truly turn DuPage Blue!

I say this not only on behalf of myself, but all the people interested in running for school and library boards, local government, and judicial positions. We truly appreciate your help.

If you would be interested in donating to my campaign, please click the link below.


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