My name is Jeff Jacobson, and I am running for Circuit Court Judge in 2020. I ran in 2018 for the same position and was just 388 votes short. With your help, I hope to amend that this time around. 


A little bit about me. My first exposure to injustice was at the age of around maybe 17 or 18 years old. You’ll have to forgive me, it’s been a while. While driving with my mother, she was pulled over for DUI. Now, my mother did not drink. She was a teacher and had enough on her hands with us kids. Obviously I thought, “This is ridiculous, we don’t have money for a lawyer, what can we do?” So I went to the library, I studied the law books I could find, and we fought, with nobody else by our side. And we won. The case was thrown out.

After graduating from Northeastern Illinois University, the company I joined offered to pay for my Master’s Degree. While I applied for an MBA, I decided to take the LSAT as well, remembering my mother’s unjustified DUI case. I decided to pursue law, graduating from IIT-Kent in 1991, while working full time during the day.

I ventured out on my own after law school, setting up practices in DuPage County in 1991, eventually moving to Downers Grove in 1995 with my family. I have always favored being on the defense side of things. I mainly practice divorce, bankruptcy, immigration, and employment law, and real estate closings. During my time in practice, I worked with Pro Bono Advocates, which provide defense free of charge for battered and abused women. I worked on around twenty cases with them, all having good outcomes for the women I represented. I have continued my Pro Bono work with other organizations such as Legal Aid and The Help Desk.

I have been on the Downers Grove Liquor Commission for seven years, and have run for Circuit Court Judge in 2018, and Downers Grove Village Commissioner in 2019. 

I am a member of the invitation only society The Ins of Court, a group of judges and lawyers who gather together to discuss matters of law. I also come Highly Recommended by the DuPage County Bar Association, for which I was Assistant Treasurer from 2017 to 2018.

I still live in Downers Grove with my family, and my intelligent and beautiful wife, Heidi. More personally, I was a past member of the Downers Grove Performing Arts committee. I coached numerous park district and YMCA youth sports, baseball, basketball, and swimming being a few. I was a past co-president Downers Grove North High School Parents Organization and past vice-chair Pierce-Downers PTA.


In this Right to Work era, Unions are more important than ever. My mother and father were union members, and so was I. My first job at a grocery store, I joined the Union. I also joined with the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees. I was a member for five years, a steward for two, and I represented union members. I was an Administrative Law Judge for five years hearing appeals on unemployment hearings. I was rated fair and honest by the Board of the Department of Unemployment Security during that time. I continue to support Union stores, shops, and movements. My son is now a Union pipefitter.


Perhaps the most rewarding part of my life has been working for the advancement of women and children. 

I was the first attorney in Illinois to have a father’s driving privileges suspended for not paying child support.

I was involved in a case of a young woman whose boss, who was also her abusive partner, was holding her health insurance over her head when she wanted to leave him. This case reached the Federal level, and because of it, it is now a law in Illinois that an employee cannot be fired or otherwise harmed for not showing up to work if they have an order of protection against their boss.

I have also stopped an abused foster child from being returned to his abuser foster father.

Protecting the underprivileged, and representing those who could not find help otherwise through my Pro Bono work has been a mission, a passion, and a personal cause to me.  To this day, I continue to fight for these women and children.


From 2018:

Jeffrey M. Jacobson was rated Highly Recommended by the DuPage County Bar Association. The Bar’s evaluation process was extensive and included interviewing current Judges and attorneys. The evaluation committee was made up of such prominent attorneys such as the DuPage County State’s Attorney and two retired judges. It is humbling to be rated the highest possible.

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From 2020: Jeffrey M. Jacobson was rated Recommended by the DuPage County Bar Association, narrowly missing a Highly Recommended rating by less than one point. Nevertheless, with nearly three decades of experience, Jeff is confident in his abilities as a lawyer, and feels fully prepared to become your next Circuit Court Judge. Once again, thank you to the DCBA for your time and recommendation. 

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