“Racism separates, but it never liberates. Hatred generates fear, and fear once given a foothold; binds, consumes and imprisons. Nothing is gained from prejudice. No one benefits from racism.”

Thurgood Marshall


My beliefs

  1. I worked to protect women’s rights
  2. I worked to protect immigrants’ rights
  3. I worked to protect minorities’ rights.

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  1. Administrative Law Judge with IDES, Appeals Division, decided on about 10,000 cases.
  2. Certified Guardian Ad Litem for DuPage Court. Appointed by the court to determine the best interest of the child for the court.
  3. Child’s Representative for DuPage Court.
  4. 2002 through 2007 as an Administrative Law Judge for the Illinois Department of Employment Security hearing appeals.
  5. 1990 -Worked as a 711 for the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office prosecuting felony criminals.
  6. I have voluntarily represented local democrats by representing them when their petitions are object.
  7. Practice law in Northern Illinois in areas such as family law, real estate, employment, immigration, and general.

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  1. Member of the Downers Grove liquor commission. We hear liquor license applications and Liquor hearings of establishments that violate Liquor laws.
  2. Executive Board Member and assistant treasurer for the DuPage County Bar Association. DuPage County Bar Association is the largest county bar association in the United States.
  3. Member of DuPage Inns of Court, an invitation only organization of attorneys and judges.
  4. Director of Programming for the DuPage Inns of Court.



  1. Co-president at Downers Grove North High school parents club
  2. Vice-president of a Pierce-Downers school PTA.
  3. Member of the Downers Grove fine arts committee.
  4. Member of the State’s attorney state wide court forms committee.
  5. Past member of the Buffalo Grove blood drive committee
  6. Volunteer Coach for youth baseball and basketball.
  7. Volunteer kids swim meet director and certified timer for the DuPage Swim and Dive Conference.
  8. Volunteered as an assistant basketball coach at a local catholic middle school

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