About me


Jeffrey M. Jacobson was rated Highly Recommended by the DuPage County Bar Association. The Bar’s evaluation process was extensive and included interviewing current Judges and attorneys. The evaluation committee was made up of such prominent attorneys such as the DuPage County State’s Attorney and two retired judges. It is humbling to be rated the highest possible.

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I am a democrat. I care about others.  When President Trump banned those from other countries because of their religion, my office staff gave free legal advice to help those desperate to enter our country. I have fought for immigrants.

When I was in the AFCSME union, I was not satisfied just being a union member. I worked to be a Union Steward. As a Union Steward, I represented union members in their grievance process. 

I have fought for women’s rights. I created new law that protected women from abusive supervisors at work. I have fought for those without the ability to fight for themselves.


My parents were union employees. My mother was a teacher. She was proud of the success of her students. My father was a union glazier. Both parents were hard working. They taught me the importance of education. They taught me that education should be a tool to help others.

From the time I was a teenager, I was interested in public service. At 15 years old, I worked for a political campaign. I later volunteered to work on the Village Blood Donor Committee. I also became a referee for elementary kids. As an adult, I coached t-ball, baseball and basketball. I volunteered on a park district swim team, first helping anywhere they needed me, then as a certified timer, finally as the Meet Director.

When my kids were in middle school, I got involved. I was a vice-president of the Parent Teachers Association (PTA). When they entered high school, I joined the Parent Teachers Organization, and eventually became the Co-President.

I worked during law school. Monday through Friday, I would work full time, then attending law school returning home late at night.

As an attorney, I frequently help those with less means. I volunteer my time for the DuPage County Bar Help Desk. The Help Desk gives free legal advice to those that need help in their divorce matters. I also frequently volunteered for Pro Se Night Court. As an attorney in Pro Se Night Court, I assist the court in drafting orders for those without an attorney. Every year, I volunteer for the DuPage Bar Association Legal Aid. I volunteer two months of evenings and weekends to raise money to help those without means in the court system.